We talk a good game…

by | May 1, 2013 | Podcast

Christians, we all know the world is falling apart and unfortunately so are many of our church organizations. A new poll shows most of us value the Bible. We own several copies and we say that it is a sacred text. But do we read it? Not quite. We’re going to share the numbers with you later in the program and challenge each one of us to wake up and do what we claim we must do: Be in the Word!

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First we’re going to dive into the latest news headlines, and there are some shockers. For instance, did you know that Paul Ryan has now evolved his position on gay adoptions? That news broke yesterday and it’s one of many headlines that point to an incredible paradigm shift in our nation and within the Church itself. Our guest today in this first segment is in the news business himself.  Joseph Farah is founder, editor and CEO of WND (WordlNetDaily), and a nationally syndicated columnist and book author.