Louisville, Kentucky Derby

How do you share the Gospel with people who put their hope in status, riches and pleasure? (Matthew 19:16-26)
If you want to understand the mindset of the wealthy, you need to go where they are with what they need. What they think they need is blessings that look like success.

Today we are talking about sharing the Gospel in a place you might not realize is all that dark: The Kentucky Derby. Being in the Bible Belt, you’d think this event is pretty classy. But try bringing the light of Christ into this realm, and you quickly realize how far the world has fallen. How do we know? Because our guest today just came back from the Derby, and is here to tell us what happened on his most recent evangelistic outreach. Heath Pucell is the founder of the Burnbrothers Ministry,  an organization that trains Christians on how to overcome their fear and share their faith.

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