A conversation with Christians who don’t like Christianity

by | Jun 9, 2013 | Progressive Christianity

“Did God really say…?” The truth of God’s Word has been under attack from the very beginning. Those in the world who hate God have always done this. But in recent years the enemy has convinced a growing multitude of Christians (or people who believe they are Christians), to hate God as much as the world does, completely ignoring and twisting the Scriptures for their own fleshly gain.
These more “progressive” Christians are dividing the visible Church in ways we could never imagined a few decades ago. As part of my research, I follow a lot of their blogs and articles. And I can tell you that these days it is an all-out attack on the Bible and on God Himself.
Case in point, there is a group calling themselves “Christians Tired of Being Misrepresented,” an extremely progressive group that denies, well, everything about biblical Christianity. They describe themselves this way:

We are NOT a Right-Wing Fundamentalist Christianist Page. We are a Progressive, Liberal, Accepting, and Affirming (pro LGBT) Christian Page, just to be clear!

Recently, the group shared its statement of belief:

We Believe

We are an inclusive community of Christians who have found an approach to God primarily through the life and teachings of Jesus, the Christ – but recognize the faithfulness of other people who have other names for the way to God’s realm. We acknowledge that their ways are true for them, as our ways are true for us.
We have allowed the Christian religion to become a captive horde of Bible-worshiping, homophobic, fundamentalist bullies who have naive answers for all of life’s deepest ills. The true message of Jesus Christ has been hijacked by egocentric arrogance.
Therefore we believe that it is our duty and obligation to provide a safe place for those who disagree with the Religious Right / Fundamentalist Christians.
We are living outside the limitations of Christian conventionality because:
1. We question if there is a “Hell”
2. We don’t accept the idea that there is only one way to God
3. We understand that diversity is a strength, not a weakness
4. We accept Evolution
5. That the Bible isn’t inerrant
6. Homosexuality isn’t a sin
7. Owning a gun isn’t a God given right
8. America isn’t God’s chosen country
9. Non-Christians won’t burn for eternity
10. We consider everyone to be our brothers and sisters, not just those within the Christian faith.

When I asked this group on its Facebook page why, if they hold to different beliefs, do they call themselves Christians instead of something else (and I did ask nicely and sincerely), I received some nice and sincere answers back. These are very telling, and I share them so that you can understand the mindset of where the apostate Church is sincerely coming from:

Andrew: I disagree with you Amy, it is simply a question of how you read the bible; as a literal history book or as a compilation of parables that show us the nature of God and how He would have us live.

Crystal: because being Christian means being a follower of Christ. The bible is not Christ and he disputed much of the Old Testament.
The bible is a reference tool I personally don’t think it should be thought of as the end all be all to God. Too many inconsistencies and contradictories. I put more weight in the New Testament then anything. We cant keep putting limitations on God when the creator is infinite and our understanding is limited.

Julia: Um, where did you get your definition for “conventional Christianity?” Because I was raised by devout, moderate Christian parents in the late 1960s and would describe myself by the same terms — maybe half of your 10 statements would apply in any way and few are absolutes. Are you dealing in angry stereotypes and the vocal minority?

Shelley: @ Amy – Christianity has NEVER been of one mind on anything. Scripture itself references that in the Pauline epistles. Councils were called to hash out what would and would not be regarded as heresy, but there has never been absolute adherence to the official party line. As for the brand of Christianity you call “bible based” (it all is based on the Bible, the only question is how) that is actually a more modern construct that the original authors of the texts never intended. We progressive types can rightly call ourselves “Christian” because we base our lives on the call of Jesus to see Christ in and be Christ for all people. We can disagree on points of doctrine and still do that. In fact, we may be at our best when we have unity without infirmity. Good question!

Kellyann: Amen and amen.

Robin: This is who Jesus was, if he was the Christ, then Christianity should mirror his intentions, not the intentions of humans over 2000 years. Remember also not all the original texts are included in the modern Bible. Those that are included have been translated multiple times, from multiple languages, revised and edited by men. If people follow the Bible blindly, they are following the power plays of Henry VIII and James I.

Mike:  As I’ve said before,the bible does not have authority in itself, it does not speak for itself and it is not the one and only way to follow Christ! It is not the sole source of God’s revelation to humankind on what to believe and how to live! Just because one may belive in an evolution of some kind, does not in any way exclude or lessen God from still being the creator of us all either! Fundamentalist literalism is an enemy of true christian living that suffocates the indivdual who is called to always strive to live and love in and with the mind and person of Christ and what He taught for all of us, so that we have true life and have it abundantly!

Emy: Your page description brings to mind my grandmother’s favorite refrain: “Honey just pray for ’em and hope they get some sense.”
Ultimately, our best option.
You cannot reason with unreasonable people.
But you can pray for them.

And there you go. We are the unreasonable ones to be prayed for, by sincere people who are sincerely deceived. These are the people Christ Himself will say, “I never knew you.”
May we continue to pray for those who do not know Him. May we reach out to them with the truth of God’s Word; the Holy Spirit’s breathed-out Scripture, the only power we have that can open the spiritual eyes of the blind. Amen?