Drowning in Deception

by | Jun 11, 2013 | Podcast

When we come to trust our feelings and experiences over the truth of God’s Word, we head into dangerous waters.
Did you know that a drowning person doesn’t necessarily look like he or she is actually drowning? It’s true, and lifeguards will tell you that many victims often don’t flail around like you see on television. In fact, they are unable to do that because all of their instincts are focused on getting their mouths above the surface of the water so they can breathe.
These victims are in deep trouble. They are seconds from dying! And their family friends or other beachgoers can’t see it from a few feet away. Thankfully, a good lifeguard is trained to look out for these signs and jump to the rescue.

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That’s what men and women who are passionate about being a watchman on the wall are all about. We want to sharpen our skills to save precious loved ones from drowning. Are you willing to jump in and snatch loved ones to safety? Yes, it’s risky, and you could lose that person as a friend.