Equipping your mind

by | Jun 7, 2013 | Podcast

Jessica Studies the ESV
What does God want you to believe about the Bible?
What does He want you to know about who He really is?

Knowing what the Bible says about these three subjects is central to accurately understanding the Christian faith and the Gospel message of Jesus Christ.
Our guest today is Barney Browne, an elder at a local church in the Green Bay area and author of “Equip Your Mind,” a book series that highlights Bible verses that speak to vitally important topics for every human being. Understanding these biblical truths is essential for an accurate understanding of reality, a right relationship with God, living for what matters most, and faithfully serving the Lord Jesus Christ in this fallen world.

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Barney says this:

As I continue to read, study, and meditate on the Bible, I continue to see overwhelming evidence showing beyond any reasonable doubt that the Bible is truly of supernatural origin. A study of fulfilled Bible prophecy demonstrates this. A review of the manuscript evidence shows that the Bible’s content has been adequately preserved from ancient times to the present. I learned that although we are separated from the original manuscripts of the Bible by thousands of years, cultural differences, language differences, and even human errors, there is ample evidence that we have access to reliable and accurate Bibles that clearly communicate what God wants us to know.