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The story we covered this morning by Deborah Fikes the World Evangelical Alliance’s representative to the United Nations is a perfect story of why we are losing this nation and many young Christians to the lies of Satan.  Fikes starts with a real problem—youth are leaving the church in droves—but offers a horrible solution that will only exasperate the problem further.  She says we need to engage our youth in a lie—that man-made climate change is destroying the world and oppressing the poor.

I wonder what the great Christian scholars of the past would think of this if they were alive today.  More so, what would Jesus Christ himself think of the proposed solutions of people like Fikes, Jim Wallis and Brian McLaren?  Did Jesus ever once say we should use a lie or deception to win people to the faith?  No!  In fact He told people to do the exact opposite of what these progressive leaders propose.  We are to turn our backs on the lies and deceptions of this world and find refuge in Him alone.  He told us to abide in His Word, and not trust anything of this world.

The real underlying problem with progressive Christianity is that it just does not trust the Bible as the authoritative Word of God.  Just like Eve did not trust God’s words in Eden, progressives just cannot find it in themselves to abandon their earthly “wisdom” and trust in the Word of God.

Now Ms. Fikes and Mr. Wallis, McLaren, Bell and others, it’s your choice if you want to trust in the ways of man over the Word of God.  You make that choice and deal with the consequences.  But what about the millions of young Christians who are following you, hanging on every word you speak?  What world view are they learning from what you teach and propose?  

It doesn’t take a great deal of wisdom and discernment to see that America and the Christian Church in America are headed to some very dark, challenging times.  But when you allow the murder of 55 million children through abortion, legalize unholy marriages contradicting the clear teachings of God, and continually look for loopholes in the Bible to justify our sinful actions, why should we expect anything different?  When we raise our children in a public education system that hates God and let them get immersed into a culture and media that also hates God, why do we wonder when they are leaving the faith in droves?

America is subjecting itself to the wrath of God, and when it happens it will not be pretty.  We as

Christians should not think we will be immune to this chastisement—in fact we as the church are much to blame for the demise of this once God-fearing nation.  Every time we turn a blind eye to babies being slaughtered, stand silent as biblical marriage is undermined, or trust in our human sinful desires over the commands of a holy, just God, His patience is tested and His wrath is invited.

Climate change is a red herring distracting us from the true work of Christians and the church.  It is a lie from the father of lies, being delivered by his henchmen at the United Nations through one of their puppets, the National Education Association.  And now many progressive Christians are buying the lie.

Our assignment from God is to love Him above all things, abide in His Word, share the gospel in truth and love, and lead lives holy and pleasing to God.  Unless we get serious about these things real soon, we are headed into very dangerous times as a nation and as a church.