Who Do You Trust?

by | Jun 11, 2013 | Best of!

Carson as Carnac the Magnificent, one of his m...
Back in 1957, a relatively obscure man by the name of Johnnie Carson was introduced to the television public. He would go on to host the Tonight Show for decades and become an icon in television. But in 1957 he hosted a short lived television show called “Who Do You Trust?”
Well, I was always a big Johnnie Carson fan, so I’m going to ask my Christian friends – and myself – the same question: “Who do you trust?”
To my progressive Christians friends: Are you really willing to trust your feelings over the written Word of God when it comes to matters of faith, eternal life and Godly morality? Do you really think relying on our own human hearts, instead of God and His Word, is the answer to all that ails this world? What is it about accepting the Bible as absolute truth that causes such consternation in some of you? Is it so hard to trust that God gave us absolutes in His Word?
To my politically active friends: Do you really trust that the Democratic or Republican parties are promoting a godly agenda? Why do we cheer our favorite political party when they make a policy decision, and then deride the other party when they make the same policy decision? Do we really trust that career politicians in Washington have our best interests at heart over their desire for power? Can we be honest with ourselves and admit often our votes are for self-serving agendas like our own wallets?
To our church leaders who adopt the church growth models taught by Drucker, Hybels and Warren: Do you really trust marketing and growth strategies of man over how God grew the early church? Is it so difficult for us to just proclaim the complete gospel and trust in God to grow His family within our local churches? What is it about us as leaders—whether pastors or ministry leaders—that causes us to believe we can trust our earthly thought process and wisdom over what God has demonstrated time after time throughout history?
To our “seeker friendly” Christian friends: Why do we continue to think we must dumb down the gospel and make it appealing to the flesh in order to introduce people to Jesus Christ? Do we trust in our own eloquence over the power of the Gospel to save men? Are we so ashamed of Jesus and His words that we will do anything to appear accepting and loving—even at the cost of being ashamed of the living gospel? Is that really love?
And to every one of us as Christians —whether conservative or progressive; Bible believing or Bible doubting; “lovers” or “truthers”—are we willing to trust God when things get really, really ugly? If the government begins to discriminate against Christians, tells us what to say and do, threatens our tax exempt status, or even threatens us with imprisonment or death, who will we trust? Our own human survival instinct? Or the Word of God which tells us these things will happen, and to be prepared?
We all say we will never deny Jesus Christ, yet many will scatter and seek self-preservation instead of remaining true when we face discrimination, imprisonment or even death—just like Peter did. When that day comes will we trust in our own wisdom? Or trust in God no matter what the enemy brings at us?
When will this happen? It could be next year or a hundred years from now. But figuring out when it will happen is not nearly as important as preparing for when it does happen. When that day comes, will our hearts be prepared as Jesus’ was in Gethsemane? Or will we be scrambling and fearful as everything around us disintegrates, and the American dream is snatched away from us by a jealous God?
Start preparing your heart now by being in His Word—and accepting it for what it is—the absolute truth and written Word of God almighty. The Bible’s proven track record of accuracy by its prophesies is clear and cannot be disputed.
Is God asking too much of us to simply believe that He has given us His Word for the time when evil becomes rampant and our faith is tested? Have we become so arrogant that we think we can ignore the hundreds of fulfilled prophesies in the Bible, and ignore its absolute truth, just because we don’t like what it says about sexuality, exclusivity or a narrow path?
If that is the condition of our arrogant, human hearts, we are in for a very, very difficult time when all hell breaks loose—and it just might be coming sooner than we think. Who do you trust? Washington politicians? Your own human understanding and emotions? Or God and His Word?
Are we truly prepared?