Mouth wide shut

We are blessed to be able to share what we care passionately about, the Bride of Christ and the Truth of His Word, over the public airwaves via a Christian radio station that broadcasts over the FM airwaves in northeast Wisconsin.  As we’ve tackled some of the tough issues and trends in these challenging times, we’ve become convinced that we are in a time of the great falling away from scriptural truth that Jesus told us would happen, and Christians need to hear God’s Word now more than ever before.  That’s why this station has made some changes moving forward. We’ve added more teaching shows, and as of today we’ve ended our network affiliation so that what you now hear on Q90-FM is programmed locally here in Wisconsin under the leadership of general manager, Mike LeMay.

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A dwindling number of Christian media outlets boldly speak truth or will touch controversial topics, and those who do are increasingly facing censorship.

We are going to talk about this today with our guest, Don Otis. Don is a Christian media consultant who helps stations like ours find excellent guests, and there’s something else you’ll  want to know about Don; He once contracted for a ministry that’s been in the news a lot recently: Exodus International. Exodus as you may know helped counsel those struggling with homosexuality by pointing them to God’s love and reconciliation, but Exodus recently apologized to the homosexual community and then closed its doors forever.