Deceived on purpose?

by | Jul 23, 2013 | Best of!, Podcast

Ryan Braun
Satan has our society living in a deceptive world. He uses people and things to trick you into believing things that are not true. Everything we do in the secular world is based on fantasy and illusion, whether it’s creating our own image or worshipping a famous fallen megastar.  Making light of sin causes fatal indifference. (Matthew 22:5)
Yet there are men and women who yearn to seek truth. They cling to Scripture to determine what is true so that the false can be apparent. One such truth seeker, Charles Spurgeon, once said, “Discernment isn’t knowing the difference between right and wrong. It is knowing the difference between right and almost right.” (Did you know that Charles Spurgeon got kicked out of his church for calling out deception?)

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Our guest today is Dave Wager, and he is the author of several books and the  president of Silver Birch Ranch and Nicolet Bible Institute in northern Wisconsin. Dave is also the president of a ministry called The Omega Force, a catalyst that helps Christians learn the Word of God through college-level courses that anyone can take online.