Evolution: Based on Fact or Faith? (An interview with Ray Comfort)

by | Jul 18, 2013 | Education, Podcast

Evolution vs GodIs evolution based on fact or faith?  Today we are talking with Living Waters ministry leader Ray Comfort. Ray has an excellent new documentary, Evolution Vs. God, in which he interviews experts from leading evolutionary scientific fields from some of the world’s top universities:

• Peter Nonacs, Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, UCLA
• Craig Stanford, Professor, Biological Sciences and Anthropology, USC
• PZ Myers, Associate Professor, Biology, University of Minnesota Morris
• Gail E. Kennedy, Associate Professor, Anthropology, UCLA

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English: Ray Comfort

Ray Comfort

Watch the trailer here:

Ray asks these experts, along with college students who identify as atheists, some very basic questions about evolution that are so simple from a scientific standpoint, yet the scientists fumble with the answers and their faith is shaken! Download the movie here – > http://bit.ly/188W7Qj