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Young people today are growing up in a different country than the one you and I learned about in school. The borders are the same, but the lessons have changed drastically. Are today’s students being instructed or indoctrinated? While we have no doubt there are many dedicated and loving teachers in our public schools, we know they face growing challenges in educating our children in the secular humanist environment created and promoted by the National Education Association.  Where does that leave parents who want to take a stand against an anti-Christian worldview?

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Alan Scholl

Alan Scholl, Executive Director, and Vice President of American Opinion Foundation, which oversees the Freedom Project,  a K-12 virtual education institution you can access anywhere in the world, and founded by the American Opinion Foundation. Established in 2005, American Opinion Foundation, Inc. performs charitable, scientific, literary and/or educational services through community outreach activities.If you are a parent, you may know about the National Education Association’s agenda to impart an anti-Christian worldview to your kids. FreedomProject began as an extensive free online resource for Americanist education in the classical style, based on the principles and core values modeled in the era of America’s founding. On September 6, 2011 FreedomProject Education launched the first segment of our school, the 9th – 12th Grade High School Curriculum. The entire K-12 school will be operating by September 2012.