"Hail Satan" chants Texas pro-abortionists

by | Jul 3, 2013 | Best of!

Screen capture of woman yelling "Hail Satan."

Screen capture of woman yelling “Hail Satan.”

First they used their own little children to carry signs with wire coat hangers. Now it’s even uglier, if that were possible. One of the more shocking tactics used by Texas  pro-abortion activists yesterday: Invoking Lucifer.
Throughout the day, protesters were heard loudly chanting “Hail Satan!” to harass a pro-life crowd as they sang “Amazing Grace.”

It’s difficult to make out what the abortion side are saying until the very end, when the woman gets right up to the camera and sticks her tongue out and yells, “Hail Satan.”  According to the videographer, this chanting went on most of the day but was only captured in the above video.