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by | Jul 31, 2013 | Podcast

English: Skywriting over the EAA Airventure 20...
Today we’ve got several news stories to cover, including a move by the Presbyterian Church USA to reject the song, In Christ Alone. There is one word in the song that apparently the PCUSA doesn’t take kindly to. Plus, if you aren’t a regular watcher of the Bill Maher program – and we know most of you probably aren’t fans – the leftist political commentator interviewed liberal “minister” Jim Wallis, about the Bible, and we’re going to play some soundbites from that program in which the atheist host seems to have more biblical knowledge than the pastor.
Up first in our program, nothing more exciting going on in Northeast Wisconsin this week than what’s happening in the skies overhead. We’re talking about the EAA, Experimental Aircraft Association’s annual Air Venture in Oshkosh.  It’s a gathering of pilots, planes and aviation experts from all over the world, to celebrate the history and the future of flight. And for Christians, a key element is those who work and train in the aviation mission field.
Dennis Elrod, chief executive officer of the Spokane Turbine Center and a professional missionary aviation trainer is here with us. Also a Wycliffe Bible translator for 15 years and has had some incredible adventures!

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