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Today we are seeing a lot of church models that sadly are leading people away from the purpose of the Church that the Bible tells us to focus on: Equipping the saints (that’s you and me, churchgoers) to go and make disciples. To die to self daily, and pick up our crosses to follow Jesus.

Instead, we focus on making the visible church a likeable institution with sincere people who would never appear to be set apart from society. Unfortunately, society and culture continues to scoff at the church, at Christians and at the Bible. But understand that while we strive to be appealing, the Bible says those who are perishing hate God. What is the proper perspective we should have?

With us is Jan Markell, the founder and president of Olive Tree Ministries, a non-profit organization that has been watching the times in the Church since 1982. Her nationally-syndicated radio program “Understanding The Times” is heard around the world and on our station, Q90FM, on Saturday mornings.

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