Women in ministryToday we are covering several news headlines about the latest from Christians suffering in Egypt for their faith, and why we need to step up our efforts in sharing the Gospel with those who don’t know Him in a world growing increasingly dark.

In the second segment, we’ve touched off a firestorm of opinion on our Facebook Page about women in ministry, and specifically in what is known as “watchman” or “discernment” ministries. (For the record, we do not call ourselves a discernment ministry as we believe ALL Christians are to discern the difference between Truth and error–or Truth and “almost” truth.)

The question is:

There is a lot of chatter going on these days about whether women should have a role in discernment ministries. Many women have for decades done important research comparing the teachings of some dangerous movements to what the Bible says. Many have websites or programs as well. But some say women should not be in this role at all.
What say you? Share scripture to back up your opinion.

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