Get ready for a paradigm shift

by | Aug 27, 2013 | Education, Podcast

freephotoToday, we’ve got several topics to cover that focus on our next generation of Christians. In our second segment, we’re asking the question: What do you do as a parent (or grandparent or youth leader or anyone else who has youth in their lives), when that young person comes to you and says, “I’m gay.”
It’s a follow up to a program we first did back in March, titled, When a loved one says, “I’m gay” And we’re revisiting this topic because just in the past few months since then there seems to be a wider acceptance among young people to say, “the reason I’m not a Christian (or a “fundamental Christian”), is because of their hard stance on homosexuality being a sin.” Where is that shift coming from in the visible church? In large part, it comes from the government programs and in our schools, that’s where the change is beginning to take shape.
With us in studio this first segment are two education experts who know full well the full-frontal attack on the truth of the Bible is coming from an intentional indoctrination designed specifically for a new paradigm: Dr. Duke Pesta Freedom Project’s academic director, and student development director Mary Black.