News, views and the Gospel

by | Aug 8, 2013 | Podcast

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Today we’re talking about news and trends in the Church.  Among them, we’ll cover a protests in Texas against a statewide homeschool convention by atheists who are concerned that parents will be teaching their kids creationism and not evolution theories. In Switzerland, many are upset that their national anthem based on a biblical Psalm is being replaced by a Godless anthem.  And there is some surprising new research on smoking and church attendance.  Plus we’ll have more results from our unofficial poll question we asked yesterday: Do you think that in ten years from now the condition of the church will be about the same, get better or grow worse?
In our first segment we are checking in with Elijah Abraham, a man who has dedicated his life to reaching out to Muslims in America and around the world with the truth of the Gospel. Elijah’s ministry is Living Oasis, and you can find many resources there to begin your own outreach to Muslim believers in your neighborhood.’

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