The time of testing

by | Aug 13, 2013 | Education, Podcast

English: School bus seats, photographed from b...
Today we’re looking at some mindblowing headlines about where we’re heading in the world regarding the Middle East, the global geopolitical landscape, the world economy, and the New Spirituality changing the visible church.
We’ll dive into those and get your input, plus in our first segment, we’re heading back to school in a few weeks. What awaits your children? Well we hope a robust education with lessons that will edify and equip our children with knowledge. Out guest today is a man who has been sounding the alarm about national Common Core standards and curriculum. Kyle Olson is publisher and founder of dedicated to education reform. Kyle is a contributor to TownHall.Com and has written a book titled, Indoctrination: How Useful Idiots Are Using Our Schools To Subvert American Exceptionalism.

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