Things that go "Bump" in the church

by | Aug 20, 2013 | Podcast

Today we are talking about truth and compromise. Yesterday afternoon on our website we shared a letter from one of our listeners about her heartbreaking journey out of a compromising church and into the wilderness of trying to find a church that has not succumbed to the ways of the world. In the hours since, many of you have written and said, “that’s my story too.” We’re going to share some of those.

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Then in our second segment, how shall we take loving rebuke? Mike is going to share what happens when he is challenged by a local pastor.

April 2014 release

April 2014 release

Joining us in our first segment Pastor Mike Abendroth, who serves as pastor of Bethlehem Bible Church in Massachusetts, and is the founder and one of the voices of No Compromise Radio. NoCo’s biblical and provocative ministry offers podcasts as well as a YouTube Channel called NoCo 90, in which Pastor Mike delivers biblical truth in 90 seconds.  Mike’s passion is preaching the Bible in a verse-by-verse fashion and training other men to do the same. Mike is an adjunct professor of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and is the author of the book titled Jesus Christ: The Prince of Preachers. Look for his new book soon, Things that go “Bump” in the church.

“Babies need lullabies, but the church at large needs a divine trumpet to summon the troops for the honor and glory of her King.” ~ Pastor Mike Abendroth