Arguments and quarrels

by | Sep 19, 2013 | Podcast

Kids fightingToday we’re going to be talking about how secular humanism is infecting the church at every level, and you’ll hear from a man who is starting a revolution among Christians that sounds a lot like a celebration of self. We’ll play you the clip a little later and let you decide.
First, a discussion on taking the log out of our own eyes.
From time to time Christian brothers and sisters disagree. And that’s okay. We can arrive at our opinions and have robust, God-honoring discussions about our differences.
But sometimes when emotions get involved, it gets ugly. And we have an enemy who loves inciting personal attacks, slander and damaged friendships. And when it happens to leaders, pastors, church members and even some discernment ministries, the world takes notice.

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Today we’re taking a deep into the mirror of all of us who contend for the faith. How easily we can slip into wrong motives! It can happen to anyone. Joining us for our first segment is Jan Markell, the founder and president of Olive Tree Ministries, a non-profit organization that has been watching the times in the Church since 1982. Her nationally-syndicated radio program “Understanding The Times” is heard around the world and on our station, Q90FM, on Saturday mornings.