Charismatic fire

by | Sep 17, 2013 | Podcast

African bishopsMany Christians are excited about the move of God happening around the world as more missionaries are spreading the Word of Jesus through the Gospel message. Lives are being changed and spiritually dead souls are being brought to life by the true regenerating power of the Holy Spirit. But the enemy hates this, and is promoting a false Christianity. Signs, wonders, and a prosperity “gospel” like none other we’ve seen even in the West has gripped many nations, especially in Africa.  We’re going to talk about that movement today and why African nations are so susceptible.
In our first segment today, we’ve invited a missionary who has dedicated his life to sharing the true Word of God with the lost in Africa to join us in studio. Joseph Lubega is here to share his testimony and his mission.  You can find Joseph at his website, his blog, or his email.

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