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Screen-shot-2013-09-09-at-8.34.17-AMToday we are talking about some things that aren’t comfortable to talk about. In fact we do that just about every day on Stand Up For The Truth. But today’s news headlines and some of the trending “cool” things happening in the visible church can be summed up in one word: Insidious.
We’re going to share some things that have been gradually introduced to Christianity that have nothing to do with faith, Jesus, His resurrection, and our regeneration in Him. And as we share these things, please know that we do this not to say “gotcha” or to stick it to anyone, but because we are deeply concerned as many of you are that our friends, family members and in some cases even our churches are being fooled by the insidiousness of the day.
What do we do about it?  The Bible says we keep pressing on. We challenge one another in love and truth, and we sharpen one another as iron sharpens iron.

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Before we get to our news headlines, we are going to talk about iron with two special guests who are with us to share how our men can rise up and fill a void of solid, biblical leadership in our families and churches. David Roth is here with us in studio, and joining us by phone is Joe Urcavich, Senior Pastor of Community Church in Memphis. Both of these men are heading up a Men of Iron Conference at Christ Alone Churchin Allouez, Wisconsin.