Jesus as a revolutionary millennial?

by | Sep 27, 2013 | Emergent Church, Podcast

showWas Jesus a revolutionary millennial, who avoided theological certainty? For Red Letter Christians, that’s the Jesus being pushed forward rather than the Christ of the Bible. It’s part of a progressive theology that imagines a very different Jesus, and we’re going to cover a new article today by Red Letter Christians titled, 4 Reasons Jesus was Millennial.
See, “Who are the Red Letter Christians?”
A little later we’ll also discuss another well-known pastor and author appearing with Oprah Winfrey in her “Super Soul Sunday” program. Oprah announced yesterday that Rob Bell will be featured, in an article titled What Oprah Knows For Sure About Spirituality.
Other Christian figures featured on Oprah’s OWN programs include Saddleback’s Rick Warren, Lakewood Church’s Joel Osteen, and the Potter’s House Bishop T.D. Jakes.
We’re asking this question today:

  1. Some will argue that perhaps Jakes and Warren will eventually influence Oprah to come back to Biblical Christianity.
  2. Others say that all Jakes, Osteen and Warren are doing is giving Oprah gravitas for her New Age spiritual beliefs and confusing immature Christians.
  3. Still others argue that Osteen, Jakes, Warren and Bell actually see alignment with Oprah as consistent with their goals and deep-down beliefs.

What say you?

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Joining us for this discussion is our guest, Scott Alan Buss. He is the author of several books including a new one titled The Beginning of Knowledge – Christ as Truth in Apologetics.  Check out Scott’s blog here, as well as his other books, Fire Breathing Christians: The Common Believer’s Call to Reformation, Revival, and Revolution and “Apathetic Christianity: The Zombie Religion of American Churchianity.