New Age: Get ready for what’s coming

by | Sep 5, 2013 | New Age, Podcast

New AgeOne of the biggest movements threatening the truth of God’s Word is the New Age, a mystical paradigm that has many different threads. It has permeated the majority of mainline denominations. It is experiential, it is extra-biblical, and it has changed the face of the visible church dramatically.  We’ve been able to report on a fraction of what has happened, but what until you hear what is coming.
Joining us today is a man who knows better than just about anyone the elements of the New Age and how it has crept into the church. These days it doesn’t sneak around anymore; it marches proudly down the center aisle and takes up a seat in the front pew. Warren Smith is an author and speaker who spent two decades as an active, “category 5” New Ager, and he joins us in studio today. Warren is here for the Prophecy Conference in Appleton, Wisconsin and a little later in the show we are going to introduce you to another special guest.
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