Did you know that last week a poll showed most Americans were 12 times more interested in Miley Cyrus than Syria?  Well, many are starting to wake up to the fact that we are in perilous times with the dire situation in the Middle East. Even USA Today is reporting: “Some see biblical visions of doom in Syria trouble.”

Today all eyes are on the United States, as the president prepares to address Americans about his next steps with Syria. There are a lot of opinions about what Obama should or should not do. In our first segment we will focus on what the Bible has to say.

Are churches prepared for a harvest of lost souls as times get really tough? Or a better question might be, are churches preparing the sheep -that’s you and me- by equipping us to get out there and share the full Gospel wherever God is putting us?

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Joining us for this discussion is  a pastor, Christian talk show host and author Carl Gallups.  Carl is senior pastor of Hickory Hammock Baptist Church in Florida, and he also hosts of YouTube Christian Apologetics – God and Country channel PPSIMMONS. He has written a book titled The Magic Man in the Sky: Effectively Defending the Christian Faith, and he has a new book coming out soon.