The Original Intent of the Church?

by | Sep 4, 2013 | Podcast

English: The skyline of Appleton, Wisconsin as...What did Jesus intend the Church to be, and how are we to be that church in the midst of the change agents and movements that have taken us off the original intent? Today we’re talking about some of the trends in leadership to not only secularize our services, but secularize the Body of Christ if that were possible. Is it working? We know that the true Bride of Christ will not compromise to the world, but it sure appears that she has from some of the stories and upcoming mega-conferences we will cover today.
By contrast, there are some excellent conferences out there that are designed to help Christians understand the times we are in and the threats against biblical truth. Tomorrow we’re going to have with us Warren Smith, a former New Ager who has spent the better part of his ministry career warning the church about the rise in mysticism creeping into the mainline churches, and he’ll be here for the Prophecy Conference in Appleton, Wisconsin this weekend.
And today we’re going to start out our first segment talking about one conference that is trying to make Christians aware of the secularization of Christianity. It’s called the Tactics Conference, and it’s coming to Milwaukee this weekend. One of the speakers, Philip Alexander, is with us by phone. He is President of Solid Reasons, Inc., a speaker, writer, and educator, whose greatest passion is to help people grow in their faith and knowledge of God.

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