Wisconsin Catholic University Offers Workshop on Sex Acts

by | Sep 13, 2013 | Catholic

femsexMarquette University, a Catholic college in Milwaukee, Wis., is offering FemSex, a female sexuality workshop with classes on masturbation, orgasms and erotica.
According to its syllabus, FemSex is a weekly workshop that provides “a safe space for exploration” into women’s sexuality. Modelled off of other student-led courses at UC Berkeley and Brown University, it includes group discussions, activities and individual exercises. The more controversial themes include “orgasms, masturbation, sex, kink, and sexual identities.”
Here is a sample from an article The Christian Post published today:

Marquette University
The program originally ran in the Gender and Sexuality Resource Center (GSRC), a division of Marquette’s administration. Hollenberger and other alumni, faculty and donors then approached university President, the Rev. Scott Pilarz, wondering if the content was appropriate for a Catholic and Jesuit university. Pilarz and former Provost John Pauly decided to withdraw university sponsorship in February, but the workshop continued with sponsorship from the university’s Honors Program.
“As an academic seminar, it needs an academic home on campus,” argued FemSex director Amelia Zurcher.

“FemSex does not push any ideology, teach or impart any prescribed concepts, generalize experiences, make prescriptions, or advocate a particular philosophy or morality,” the developers wrote in a joint statement to the Marquette Tribune. “FemSex grapples with issues core to our humanity that are too often shamed, silenced, and ignored, often to the detriment of individuals and communities.”

This is not the first time colleges have become embroiled in controversy regarding sex ed courses. In 2011, a Northwestern University professor drew criticism for his in-class, live sex show. Gail Dines, author of Pornland: How Porn Has Hijacked our Sexuality, and professor at Wheelock College in Boston, Mass., decried his actions as a “cheap shot” that displayed a blatant disregard for students’ well-being.

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