Christians and Mormons in dialogue

by | Oct 23, 2013 | Podcast

Another GospelLately we are seeing a steady stream of Christian leaders headed out to BYU to meet with Mormon leaders and address Mormon students on social and government issues. We also see some Christian leaders reaching out to meet with Muslim leaders.
Some Christians argue that this is very dangerous, citing that we should have nothing to do with interfaith dialogues like these. They say it confuses younger believers in a postmodern world, where absolute truth is scoffed at. They believe it may encourage religious syncretism.
Others say we should absolutely seek discussion with non-Christian leaders and followers in hopes of opening a dialogue that will lead to an opportunity to share the gospel. They point to the example of Jesus visiting Matthew’s house over the objections of His disciples, or Paul going to Mars Hill to talk to pagans about their unknown God.

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So we want to hear what you think. Should prominent Christian leaders participate in dialogue with unbelievers’ leaders? If so, are there certain conditions necessary for the meeting? Or should Christian leaders avoid these meetings altogether?
First we are going to share what both Mormons and Muslims believe, contrasted to the Bible: