Colorado mom shares frustration over child’s "Lefty/Righty" assignment

by | Oct 16, 2013 | Education, Podcast


Mom’s letter to son’s 7th grade social studies teacher

Today on Stand Up For The Truth’s program we heard from the Aurora School District parent in Colorado who told her son’s 7th grade Social Studies teacher that her family’s political leanings were none of the school’s business. Andrea joined us on our program to explain why she took a bold stand against an agenda that is increasingly usurping her authority as a mom and indoctrinating her 12-year-old into a leftist agenda that has no place in education.
Listen to Andrea’s poignant story here:

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Sadly, her story is a common struggle we hear all too often. Below are some links to resources and other articles which will help you understand the educational challenges and combat the agenda in your own students’ classrooms.

A caller mentioned this FERPA 2011 document, a must-read for parents:
For our Wisconsin listeners, you can find local hearings in your area by visiting FPEUSA.ORG.
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