The next era for progressive emergence

by | Oct 30, 2013 | Emergent Church, Podcast

McLarenRemember back about six months ago when Emergent Guru Brian McLaren asked for some big, bodacious financial support for a mystery organization that would carry the progressive church into a new era?
Well that organization is now up and running, and you may be surprised at who is helping him and what they’ll be doing later this month. In our second segment we are going to share with you this new paradigm that is forming withing the Emergent movement.

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What is the big deal about the Masons, or Free Masons organization? We cover that on Stand Up For The Truth from time to time because of how pervasive it is and the concerns that we have that many people believe it is a Christian organization.
george washington masonOne man who has done the legwork for us, has compared everything that the Freemasons teach, believe and practice to the Word of God. Duane Washum himself was once a leader in the Masonic fraternity, and  his testimony is powerful.
As someone who knows first-hand what the Masons teach about Christ and salvation, he works tirelessly to minister through his organization,  Ex-Masons for Jesus. There is a sister organization for women and girls (Eastern StarInternational Order of Rainbow for Girls, etc.) as well, called Rooftop Ministries. Check out this article, What is Free Masonry? to learn more.

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