Virginia mom told she needs a "doctor's note" for her child's bag lunch

by | Oct 17, 2013 | Education

Government over-reach? If your child is a picky eater and you want to send a bag lunch instead of having him eat whatever is in the cafeteria, you might just need a note from your doctor!  Check out this school note shared by a mom named Linda who lives in Richmond, Virginia:
She goes on to explain in her blog:

What is this?!

I went from confusion to dumbfounded to feeling being hurt knowing my child would come home hungry. Zion refuses eats what the school provide, I know this because he’s uber picky but after I received a note from his teacher last month that he hasn’t eat much and perhaps I could pack him a lunch. I did…

Until one day last week, I received this note and I was confused as wanting to know why and I called the health coordinator. Left a message hoping they would call back but they didn’t. So I was like, f this… I continue to pack him a lunch.

Then I received this with a little note from his teacher to not send a lunch from home unless a doctor’s note is sent in. Why do we need a doctor’s note? This is astounding on so many levels. How dare they tell me not to pack a lunch from home but they would force my child to eat? I know my child and I know what he likes to eat. But if he refuses, what is he going to eat then?

It hurts me as a mother that he won’t eat what the school provide.

It hurts me as a mother to know he would sit there and watch all of his friends happily eat their lunches.

It hurts me as a mother that it’s a federal funded and it’s all about the money.

It hurts me as a mother to know that we always have an option to pack a lunch but at this school it’s not an option at all.

Exit question: Will the school pay the out-of-pocket medical bill for the doctor’s office visit to get that signed permission form?