Worksheet asks children to remove parts of the Bill of Rights

by | Oct 10, 2013 | Education

Via The Blaze:

A spokesperson for the Bryant School District in Bryant, Ark., has confirmed the authenticity of an assignment asking sixth-grade students to “revise, omit two and add two amendments” to the “outdated” Bill of Rights.

Assistant Superintendent Dr. Debbie Bruick-Jones told TheBlaze that the school district stands by the “very strong assignment” and claimed the details of the assessment have been misrepresented. The Bryant School District is not considering retracting or altering the assignment at this time.

“The whole point is that students can read the text that is worth reading. They can make sense of that, they can understand it, and they can understand the claim and make an argument for the counterclaim,” she said of the Bill of Rights assignment, adding that critical thinking skills are part of the Common Core state standards (as adopted by the Arkansas State Board of Education).

When TheBlaze pressed her on why the teacher would have students remove two amendments from the Bill of Rights given each one’s importance, Bruick-Jones said there was a purpose.

“We would never undermine the Bill of Rights. The goal was to have students appreciate each one,” she added. “I think that assignment in itself makes you really think which one you could do without. … If you can make your case for each and every one, and you determine you can’t do without any of them, you can still get an A on the assignment.”



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