evolution-student-1We know that one of the most worrying statistics for Christian parents is what happens to their children when they graduate high school and go to college.

The latest statistics tell us a huge majority of college students fall away from their beliefs, thanks in part to professors who aren’t shy about their agenda to break these Freshmen of their parents’old-fashioned religion. They’ll often use philosophy or social sciences courses about tolerance or evolution to do that. How do we prevent that?

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Later on we will meet Jay Seegert, co-founder and principal lecturer with the Creation Education Center. He is the author of a great resource book titled Let There Be Light.

First, joining us in studio is Jacob Kumpher is campus minister at the University of Wisconsin at Green Bay, and has a ministry called His House Christian Fellowship, a ministry that dedicated to helping students and faculty with discipleship so that this falling away doesn’t happen. You can connect with Jacob here.