The Intolerance of emergent (liberal) Christianity

by | Nov 16, 2013 | Emergent Church

loberalAn excellent article by Mike Ratliff over at Possessing the Treasure. I’ve included a snippet below, but please read the entire piece here:
The Intolerance of emergent (liberal) Christianity

…Orthodoxy says that salvation is by Grace through faith alone. It says that we are justified by faith not works of any kind. However, the liberal Christian says that there are other ways to God that are not part of the Great Commission. One very well known Christian leader has claimed to know Islamic followers of Christ, Buddhist followers of Christ, and Hindu followers of Christ. I once received a comment about this from an “emergent apologist:”

I think (no, I know) you need to understand the difference between YOUR doctrine and what it means to be a follower of Christ. It IS possible to be a Christ follower and not believe in Augustine’s theory of original sin. It IS possible to be a Christ follower and not believe in the DOCTRINE Bible inerrancy (I say doctrine because inerrancy has become too loaded stand alone as a word). It is possible to be a Christ follower and disagree with you (or me, or ANYONE) on every single theological issue except that Jesus is God and He died for our sins. Period.

Do you see the rejection of the doctrine of original sin? Do you see the rejection of absolute truth? Do you see the demand to be counted as orthodox based on only one point, that Jesus is God and He died for our sins. While that last statement is true, Jesus Christ is God, what does it mean that he died for our sins if there is no original sin? How do we know that Jesus is God if we have a Bible that we cannot trust? Do you also see that those who insist on this emergent view of our faith have rejected that salvation is by grace through faith alone and, therefore, justification is by faith alone?  This last point is what separates the orthodox from the unorthodox or heretical. The emergent view of our salvation is unbiblical because it is based on the person and what he does or doesn’t do instead of on what God has already done.
Christian unity must be a unity of faith grounded in the truth. Any other attempt outside of this creates  a compromised unity that has no conviction at all. This is how the “mainline” denominations were liberalized and neutralized in the last century. This is still going on. The pressure to move away from Orthodoxy towards liberalism is hard upon many of our churches and leaders. We must not give into to it. We must stand on God’s truth and never compromise.