Times of grief

by | Nov 19, 2013 | Podcast

LUTTO DI MASSA - MEDIA GRIEFIn our third segment we are going to share some of your comments about yesterday’s interview we did with Warren B. Smith about his new book, “Another Jesus Calling.” If you missed that interview, Warren compared what the “Jesus” of Sarah Young’s Jesus Calling tells her to write down, and what the Jesus, Savior of the world says in God’s Word.
Up first, we are talking about grief. If you’ve lost someone, this time of year is a constant reminder that he or she isn’t with you anymore. And with the holiday season lasting over a month, the pain seems to last forever. So what’s the best biblical advice for making it through?

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Our guest is Robert Meyer, who has recently experienced tremendous loss, and who shares some thoughts about the Hope we have in Christ. Robert writes for Renew America, and two of his latest articles include, Tribute for my father.