Which "Jesus" is calling? An interview with Warren Smith

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Today we are asking:  Can going into a meditative silence help us actually hear the voice of Jesus?
Many people are attempting to hear the voice of our Savior speaking to them, thanks to a wildly popular book franchise you probably have heard of. The “Jesus Calling” book was written nearly a decade ago by author Sarah Young, who practiced a contemplative prayer method and actually heard a voice speak to her. She wrote down everything the voice told her to and published her first book which has now sold over 9 million copies and is ranked #1 on the Wall Street Journal Non Fiction Bestseller list. It’s product list includes books for women, teens, a children’s version, calendars, devotionals and even a smart phone app.
We have some concerns that many people are turning to their own experiences over the real Truth that God promises can be found in the Scriptures.

Today’s Episode:

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With us today is Warren Smith, a frequent guest on Stand Up For The Truth. Warren has just finished writing his newest book, “Another Jesus” Calling: How False Christs are Entering the Church through Contemplative Prayer.”
Warren spent many years in the New Age practicing the very types of spiritual exercises put forth by Contemplative Prayer proponents. He knows full well that not every experience is from God but in fact can be from familiar, seducing spirits.
You can order a copy via Lighthouse Trails Publishing. 
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