American flagThere can be little doubt that the America many of us grew up in—the one that honored God and recognized our way of life is dependent on following His teachings—is quickly fading.  Once a strong country of Christian values and morals, America is decaying into a modern version of Sodom and Gomorrah where personal pleasure is replacing the honoring of God and His Word.  We see it on television, in the movies and in society as a whole.

But what about the Christian Church in our nation?  How will she respond to the spiritual and moral decay of our nation?  Will she be a beacon of God’s truth?  Or will she slide into spiritual oblivion and become a luke warm, morally irrelevant “country club” where Christians behave only marginally better than the pagan society around us?

Scott Alan Buss joins us this morning to discuss the future of America and the church in these times of moral decay.

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