Children in a kindergarten classroom in France

A large number of teachers are discovering that the Common Core curriculum is leaving them with less control in the classroom. Many have said this forced education program is robbing them of their creativity and threatening to reduce them to mere “robots” that deliver pre-packaged lessons “word for word.”

“I’m unable to do projects anymore because we have so much other stuff to do that is based on the Common Core,” one unidentified New Jersey teacher told “All the teachers at my school, all we talk about is how we don’t teach anymore and we feel like robots just doing what we are told to teach and can’t have any creativity for the students to enjoy themselves.”

Another educator from Delaware told the Washington Post that her school administrators gave her a curriculum and told her to teach it “word for word.”

She added, “In a meeting with my administration, I was reprimanded with, ‘Don’t forget, standards drive our instruction.’”

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