Differing Views on Biblical Prophecy

by | Dec 31, 2013 | Podcast

English: Illustration to Book of Revelation Ру...Have you ever been listening to a conversation between Christians talking about biblical prophecy when suddenly your eyes glaze over as you hear these words?
Premillenialism.  Dispensationalism.  Amillennialism.  Replacement Theology.
Just what do these terms mean as it relates to biblical prophecy?  How important are they to the life of a Christian as we look forward to the return of the Lord?  Are these salvation issues or simply differing points of view that Christians can respectfully discuss and disagree about?
Well today on Stand Up For the Truth, pastor Chris Quintana joins us to define these terms and explain why they are important to how we interpret biblical prophecy and the return of the Lord.
We’ll also begin our look back on a wild and whacky 2013 and some of the people that most influenced or affected Christianity in America and the world.

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