New publicity stunt puts pastor on a bucking horse

by | Dec 11, 2013 | Best of!


(via Christian Post)

Why would a pastor ride a wild beast or zipline into a church service?  Is the pastor’s job not to preach the Word, in season and out, in order to feed the sheep and equip the saints to carry out the Great Commission?  Or is it to entertain the goats in order to get the lost to “make a decision for Christ?”
The church itself says this event was designed – not to edify the Body – but to attract outsiders to a building and a brand.

Says the church’s Facebook page,

“Many consider a wild bucking horse to be a beast, and it’s a simple analogy. When we submit to the master’s hand is when we find our purpose and God can bless us. If people don’t support the idea itself, hopefully they’ll support the motive of doing something unique to win souls to Jesus! God Bless!”

In addition to the publicity it received for its latest event, Solid Rock Church is already known in the community for a 50-foot statue of Jesus in front of the church. The church, will be hosting a Christmas music event, Solid Rock’n Christmas, the weekend before Christmas.