On plagiarism, tone, and tribalism

by | Dec 6, 2013 | Podcast

Today we’re talking about plagiarism, tribalism and tone. And one more word: integrity.  There have  been some news headlines lately in Christendom that we need to talk about. And we need to do this sensitively and biblically. But full disclosure here today, this is one of those times when we do need to name names because they are relevant to the story we are covering.
Here is a reference to what we mean when we talk about plagiarism:
Screen-shot-2013-09-03-at-10.27.16-AMOur guest today is Chris Rosebrough, host of the daily radio program, Fighting For The Faith, heard around the world on Pirate Christian Radio, a broadcast group he founded to help Christians discern God’s Word in a world where there is no shortage of Bible-twisting messages bombarding airwaves and pulpits.

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Original documents:
Evidence of Plagiarism or Swatting at a Hornets Nest via Another Slice and used with permission

The blog at Janet Mefferd’s web site is now empty. Per her on-air apology today, Mrs. Mefferd has removed the PDF evidence of Mark Driscoll’s plagiarism from her website and social media. I’ve made them available for you here:
  1. Driscoll Plagiarism One
  2. Driscoll Plagiarism Two
  3. Driscoll Plagiarism Three
  4. Driscoll Plagiarism Four