The Great Christmas Debate!

by | Dec 4, 2013 | Podcast

A growing number of Christians are not only saying NO to Christmas, but convincing many other believers that the holiday ought not to be celebrated by anyone but pagans. Is it true? Are we sinning if we celebrate the birth of Christ this month? There are many myths about Christmas, its origins and how and why Christians celebrated it over the centuries. So we decided that today we are going to unwrap Christmas by looking at the facts, the fallacies and comparing all of it to what God has to say in His Word. So what do you think about Christians celebrating or observing Christmas? Do you abstain, or do you partake in certain traditions?

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We’re also going to bring into this conversation some relevant teaching on some of the movements out there like the Hebrew Roots, the Antinomianism and others that are particularly significant as they relate to our discussion on Christmas, and why Jesus spoke so often about avoiding these trappings and sticking to the narrow path.