Which Jesus?

by | Dec 26, 2013 | Best of!, Podcast

Good Shepherd
Today we explore two different versions of Jesus:
The “Jesus” of the progressive left vs. the Jesus of the bible. The progressive “Jesus” didn’t like to use words like “sin” or “repentance”—he was all about social justice and just getting along. He loved to just “hang out” with sinners and had a problem with people who believed “doctrine” was a dirty word.
But not surprisingly, the bible speaks of a Jesus that many on the left would actually loathe these days. He did speak of the evils of sin and the need for men to humble themselves and repent before a just and holy God.
Today, we explore these two different versions of Jesus. In our first segment Dr. Cal Beissner joins us to discuss the radical environmental movement and how it is infecting Christianity.