Jesus Christ "Superstar?"

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It’s one thing when a secular men’s magazine idolizes a hip pastor, and quite another when a Christian magazine does it. Both are distasteful and anti-biblical, and both are part of a growing element in our culture that elevates men (and sometimes women) in church leadership to rock star status, leaving our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, in the dust.
Here’s what men’s mag Details had to say about Pentacostal Carl Lentz, the pastor over at Hillsong in Austrailia. (Yes, Hillsong, known for its extra-biblical Word of Faith teachings and powerhouse conference leader in Rick Warren’s Seeker-Driven movement):

Jesus Christ’s Superstar (The Gospel According to Carl Lentz) Here is the source: 

With the Lord as his swagger coach, the 34-year-old pastor is turning Hillsong Church in New York City into a Pentecostal powerhouse and a destination for the in crowd. Drawn by his concertlike sermons and pop-idol looks, Lentz’s fast growing flock of groupies includes Justin Bieber, NBA superstars, and young Hollywood celebs. But whom, exactly, is this new apostle of cool seeking to glorify?

Today, Charisma Magazine features this story – not to call out this blatant idolatry or put things in perspective – but to show its flock that  the carnal world is recognizing one of its own:
via Charisma

As the magazine displays in a clever infographic, Lentz has ties with celebrities such as Justin Bieber, NBA superstar Kevin Durant, Jeremy Lin and Vanessa Hudgens.
“He is going to be huge,” pastor Priscilla Shirer predicted while she was guest speaking at the church, according to the Details feature.

What to make of this creeping mega-rock star idolatry that has invaded the visible church, calling disciples unto themselves?

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