Jacob Prasch

Jacob Prasch

Today we are going to hear from author and evangelist Jacob Prasch. Jacob is the director of Moriel Ministries, and recently produced a 20-minute video that he wanted those in the Calvary Chapel movement to hear.

As Pastor Chuck Smith, one of the founders of the Calvary Chapel movement was growing old and the health of he and his wife was deteriorating, several people from inside and outside the Calvary Chapel movement sought to gain positions of influence within the movement. Jacob and many others spoke with Pastor Chuck privately about their concerns.

Pastor Chuck Smith recently passed away and Jacob Praasch decided it was time to go public with his concerns about the direction of some within the movement—and the influence outsiders were having.

This audio is twenty minutes in length, but I urge you to listen to it carefully. When you hear “Calvary Chapel”, think about the denomination or church you belong to and consider if you see these things happening in your church.

Today’s Episode:

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You can watch and share this video in it’s entirety here:

Then Jeff Strommen from Hopenet 360 will be here to discuss current trends in the visible church.