We have all experienced it:  A knock on the door and when we look out the window to see who is calling, we see two well dressed young men holding information and a “bible”.  The Mormons are coming!  Often we choose to just not answer the door because we are ill prepared to counter the false claims of this growing cult.

Mike Zander, a Wisconsin native, moved his family to Utah a few years ago to bring the light of the true gospel to the heart of Mormon country.  Join us today at 9am central on Stand Up For the Truth as Mike shares the truth about Mormonism, how we can effectively reach Mormons with the true gospel, and his views on Evangelical leaders beating a path to meet with Mormon leaders and students.

We’ll also share more of your thoughts on the biggest Christian stories of 2013, and take a look at Ananias—the man God called to minister to the apostle Paul right after he encountered Jesus Christ on the road to Damascus to kill more Christians. Jeff Strommen of HopeNet 360 is our co-host on the show.

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