Black, white and gray all over?

by | Feb 14, 2014 | Podcast

Today we’re covering a story about a leftist social justice conference featuring Jim Wallis, which probably comes as no surprise. But some of you with affiliations in the Willow Creek Association may be surprised to learn who is keynoting the conference with Wallis. It’s a story that may cause you to question and perhaps even reconsider your own affiliation with the WCA.
We’ve also got a sad story out of Belgium, where it is now legal to euthanize children at any age.
But first, a discussion on Law and Grace. We’ve all heart the joke, “what’s black and white and gray all over?”  The Law was always black and white. But when Jesus began His earthly ministry, he broke the law in the minds of the Pharisees. Did Jesus introduce gray in Grace?

Today’s Episode:

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