The Elevation coloring book?

by | Feb 19, 2014 | Best of! | 18 comments

At first I thought, “this can’t be real.”  But apparently, restless youngsters in Steven Furtick’s Elevation Church really are coloring in what is a disturbing message:
The Code
HT to Chris Rosebrough for sharing the links of the artist, Whitney Cogar, who confirms that she did illustrate this coloring book called “The Code,” for Elevation Church.  Here are some additional drawings for the book which she created.
The Code, by the way, is sort of like Elevation’s Apostle’s Creed, only it’s a creed devoid of what Jesus actually came to do; seek, call and save the lost through His shed blood on the cross.
Here’s the creed Elevation lives by.
And here is that creed, The Code, as Steven Furtick explains it to children and why they need to memorize it (guess we don’t need to memorize those pesky Bible verses):