Religious leaders of all stripes endorse Son of God movie

by | Feb 25, 2014 | Catholic | 1 comment

Hear from our friends and partners, some of the nation’s leading influencers in faith, who offer insightful commentary on selected scenes from the movie Son of God.

You can have hours of fun on the Son of God movie trailer site, where some of the biggest mega-names in the visible church are partnering and promoting the movie based on last year’s History Channel series, The Bible.
Yes, we’ve already seen most of this. It is, after all, the “just the Jesus” part of the original miniseries. Well, minus the devil character, who apparently looked too much like President Obama to be included in the final cut.
Who are the project sponsors?   T.D. Jakes, RIck Warren, Joel Osteen, Pat Robertson, Bill Hybels, a couple of Roman Catholic cardinals and archbishops, Leith Anderson, Erwin McManus, Paula White, Christine Caine, George Wood, Crai Groeshel and many others representing some of the more concerning movements in Christendom.
Click on the photo image to hear what these leaders have to say. Pay particular attention to Bill Hybels’ take on the “We’re-going-to-change-the-world-(said-no-Bible-verse-ever)” exchange between Jesus and Peter.  It’s all about vision casting! No kidding!

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