Shocking results of the Church Growth model

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COTM ChristmasHere is a perfect example of why the Church Growth model (a.k.a. Seeker-Driven), doesn’t do much to lift of Christ, and can do eternal harm to the millions who get sucked in by the stadium rock shows, smoke machines and video productions that would put Steven Speilberg to shame. That’s because the Gospel of Christ that compels us to repent and find forgiveness for our sins, is nowhere to be found.
Church On The Move of Tulsa is not the only seeker-driven church in the land, but its recent Christmas show, introduced by a “Launching Santa” performance, was shocking to some. It’s difficult to find a statement of belief anywhere on the church website (one of our listeners found it – but said it was not easy), nor will you find any hint of Christ here (other than His name seductively spoken at the end of the video, “Merry Christmas, you filthy animal.”:

When folks on COTM’s Vimeo channel tried to tell the church that this Santa thing was not a good idea, COTM responded with:
video comments
Yes, we wouldn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. But perhaps some feelings need to be hurt.
Better now than later.
Here is the entire “Christ”mas show:
Lest you think we are picking on a single instance, no.

…and who could forget the Grinch and Thriller, all rolled into one?


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